Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I haven't been posting ~ inbetweens and oddly homesick for Vermont and a simple life. Waking up, dressing in these clothes, making a fire in the crisp fall air. Ah, in my dreams. Instead, I start a new office job next week and still haven't settled into Oakland in any real way. What time am I upon and where do I belong? I'm too old for these questions. Time to make some lists, look at my life, find my passions again. Compass.

Sometimes I can't believe that this is a real place, and that I "own" it.


Chee Ann said...

I can't believe that either. Definitely understand the desire to get out of Vermont (but also the attraction) but your land looks amazing! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Verhext said...

I've been craving Vermont so so so much. Will be back Oct 6th-14th!!!

What do you do for Work? I'm looking for land-collaborators - artists, healers, dancers, teachers - to run summer workshops / brainstorm around the land.

Paul B. said...

"What time am I upon and where do I belong? I'm too old for these questions." You are not alone in your misgivings. My wife and I have been moving to and fro for years trying to find the place that fits, and have recently landed in Providence, RI. Im not sure it fits, but we are sure tired of moving. We spent a year in Oakland, near Piedmont avenue, and enjoyed it, but ultimately were lured south to LA in hopes of becoming a part of an "art scene". Obviously that didn't pan out. I guess a city is whatever you make of it, and it sure helps to have friends there to help you through the gloomy periods. In Oakland I spent alot of time in Mountain View cemetery at the end of Piedmont Ave. wondering what life is all about and enjoying the view.
We retreat to Lake St. Catherine in Vermont when we can in the summer to recharge and hunt for woodland curios.

All the Best to You,


ps... for decadence overload have a few scoops of the pandan dark chocolate with a few scoops of the curry coconut by vosges. But only do this once a year, max.