Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yay! Design*Sponge liked my before and after chairs, as did a number of readers, judging by the nice comments.

Here's a before and after with a funny story.

This wee cabinet was left in my apartment by the last tenant. I loved the crazy woodgrain doors and the modern shape. However, it was dirty and stained, the finish was chipping, and I did not like the door color.

On the way to the shop to sand it down and paint the doors that same BM Black paint, one door FLEW OUT OF THE TRUCK (!??!) on the freeway. I had a small tantrum because many other things had been going wrong, and then got out the sander and went to work. I cut a piece of plywood the size of the door, sanded the whole piece, put a clear satin finish on it, and painted the remaining door. I really love the outcome, though the plywood finish is a little lighter. Before I polyurethaned the piece, they matched exactly! Oh well.


Anna at D16 said...

I love this little cabinet. I always wish I'd find something like this. Sliding doors are so handy!

I keep wanting to paint that other door a color, like mustard maybe?

Verhext said...

hm, that's a good idea! or...ORANGE. like everything else. maybe one of the colors in the sanna annukka print?

Punky Bruise-ster said...

That's exactly what I was thinking. – Vicki

Rebecca said...

sorry but it's STINKIN GENIUS the way it is. you're brave and the outcome is just fantastic.

MoModerne said...

Wowza, love what you did to the cabinet! I'm so tired of everyone painting everything all black! Great balance. Makes it really pop!